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Tuesday, February 07, 2012

Concert - the Flute

The third concert of four!

I have to admit to some reservations with this one.....

It was primarily booked as it was a flute concert and a desire to hear something different. It was a YCAT concert (Young Classical Artists Trust) with Adam Walker flute and James Baillieu piano.

My reservations were the programme since I'm not a Bartok fan and know little of Messiaen and Poulenc.

Schubert - Introduction and Variations on ‘Trock’ne Blumen' from Die schöne Müllerin D802
Bartók - Suite Paysanne Hongroise
Messiaen - 5 Leçons de Solfège à chanter
Poulenc - Sonata for flute and piano

So what did I think? Firstly Walker and Baillieu were very good but I didn't really think any of the pieces would make my "I want to listen to that again". I think that is one of the problem for a flautist, repertoire ! Still a nice hour spent !


Tricia said...

I would agree - the repertoire is limited. But two talented young artists and yes, it was pleasant to listen to and a new experience gained.

vicomtesse said...

I found Bartok to be an acquired taste.

Pete said...

hi vicomtesse

I've listened to a few bits of Bartok now and I just can't get into him. Guess I'm more of Haydn, Brahms and Bach guy.