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Sunday, February 12, 2012

Another Concert!

Today was the final February concert. It was grey and miserable but still an early start and a walk down to St James's park.

A most obliging Heron!

So we enter Squirrel land :D

This chap seems to think the back of Tricia's coat is a squirrel :D

Is this Coot really on a nest??

Genius at work...

So off to the Wigmore Hall to see the Prazak Quartet and the programme was:

Mozart: String Quartet in D K575
Brahms: String Quartet in B♭ Op. 67

The concert was very good with perhaps my favourite piece being the Brahms. Annoyingly one or two people were continually coughing!


Tricia said...

oh boy was it cold initially!! Pics came out well again.. from the genius :D

was a good one.. pity about the coughs though :(

Ragged Robin said...

Ooh a smew......... jealous :D

Lovely pics btw.

Pete said...

Hi Caroline.

there is a small collection at St James' park

Ragged Robin said...

Not so jealous now :D!!

oldcrow61 said...

What a wonderful very chubby squirrel. I had a giggle at that sign, "Win a muppet that looks like you". lol