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Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Ancient Plant flowers again

Interesting story doing the rounds about plants coming back to life after 30,000 years.

Apparently Arctic ground squirrels stored the fruit of Silene stenophylla in the banks of the Kolyma River in Siberia. The site is a top one for Mammoth bones and this was how it was found.

This is the oldest plant material to have been brought to life (the previous oldest was 2000 years).

The plant is a variety of campion and stills grows on the Siberian Tundra today. However comparisons between old and new samples show subtle differences in the shape of petals and the sex of flowers. No one knows why there are differences.


holdingmoments said...

A fascinating story Pete.

Hope for an old fart like me yet lol

Ragged Robin said...

Incredible story that Pete.

Tricia said...

Amazing.. I always have difficulty getting my mind round with something as old as this having the capability of still growing after all these thousands of years later!! and so pleased there are those who can do this...