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Wednesday, January 18, 2012

A TRIP down memory lane.

The Radio times has a feature of a drama about the model Jean Shrimpton indeed it makes the cover and actress Karen Gillam looks suitably yummy! Ahem....

Shrimpton is associated with the photography David Bailey. To be Bailey is synonymous with a particular advert in the 1970's.

there may have been more than one but the "David Bailey? Who's he?" line is one I can remember clearly.

The trip was an incredibly successful camera. Fully automatic and didn't need batteries. It had an odd focus system but it had a good small lens (40mm f2.8). Odd really years ago we bought cheapish camera that had good prime lens as opposed today when everything is a zoom.

Anyway I was surprised to come across a site called Tripman. You can buy an original Olympus Trip which has been fully serviced and cleaned inside and out with new light seals for £43. Or a refurbished one with leather replaced with a colour of your choice for £55. Of course you can buy one off e-bay cheaper but tripman gives you a 6 month guarantee

I was surprised to find an active flickr group


Tricia said...

OOOh I do remember that - with some affection... always makes me laugh :D and very elegant looking cameras they are too!!

Yoke, said...

I am not surprised there is a flicr group for those, Pete.
Isn't there one for about everything in the universe..

Like the advert. Must have given Bailey fame among non photography fans too. Although peeps would have had to visit the library to learn about him.
But then, we were a lot more in those than people are nowadays.