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Sunday, January 15, 2012


It wasn't as cold as yesterday but still a bit chilly.....

it would have been easy to have left dad's gone home put the feet up and listen to some music but.... the skies were blue and I thought I ought to have a stroll around Rye Meads.

As suspected it was quiet, the Draper Hide looked out on frozen water and on one of the lagoons with lots of water there weren't many birds! Still I did hear a Green Woody and saw a Great Spot.

One of the things about a local patch is you know that in certain places what you will see. There are two separate spots where for instance I can really on seeing pairs of Mallards. Neither spot is a pond just a small stream but there they'll be.

Look mate if I stick my bill out and pose will you go?

Thank you!!

Not a great shot of a Blue Tit but needs must.....

I really ought to head to Amwell to see Smew but as Smew, Goldeneye, Fieldfare and Redwings keep us entertained my thoughts turn South where a little grey/brown bird is enjoying its winter waiting to head back North.....

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