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Thursday, January 05, 2012

Sad really

I read yesterday that Staffordshire County Council have culled/shot 1,929 geese and council contractors removed 9,351 eggs from nests. The removal of eggs is not new, I'm pretty sure others including wildlife charities have done similar.

The comment that "amused" me in the article was by one Paul Breeze who launched the Friends of Central Forest Park group

The geese can cause massive problems.

They look very nice from a distance but then you see all the droppings on the paths and you get people slipping around. Human beings have to come first.

It depresses me a little that humans think the world should be just for their benefit. I think some of them would be happy with a sterile world with no wildlife to get in the way outside of zoos.


Tricia said...

This is REALLY sad that people should feel this way - completely souless IMHO.

holdingmoments said...

Couldn't agree more with your statement Pete. A real travesty that 'we' think we are king.

Valkrye said...

I have been reading your blog with a great deal of pleasure for several years now.Love the combination of the natural world with the beauty of man made art and architecture (most or all inspired by nature whether one acknowledges the fact or not) Reading this statement about the killing of geese is something that is more than merely "sad" to me but makes my blood boil ~ We are in the mess we are today with human overpopulation, destruction of the global environment ect all due to the selfish , greed driven notion that man is superior and supreme to all living things. This western way of thinking will be our undoing. Better to think like native peoples who have learned from 1000's of years of living in harmony on the earth ,that each and everything on the planet has it's importance and unique place in the world. I wonder if this regard for the place which sustains us and makes our very existence possible, will ever be recognized as a whole ? Thank you again for your exceptionally fine blog.

Pete said...

why thank you valkrye. I guess as I get older nothing about the selfish about some of fellow man surprises me!

Valkrye said...

Hello again Pete, You are most welcome re: your blog. You are always a weekly destination for me and one of the few 'places" I know I will find beauty and amusing and interesting text all in one place. All good wishes for a healthy and happy New Year.