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Sunday, January 22, 2012

Music, birds and shop windows.

Well today was the first concert of 2012 and so off to London and the Wigmore Hall....

First a walk around Hyde Park, alas early on the light wasn't that good.

Lot of Tufties

At one point the Serpentine (the lake in the park) has an area set aside for swimming! And there someone was before 9am on a January morning!! Bonkers!

This heron was watching in disbelief.

Selfridges shop windows.

Typical bright sunshine after you've finished with birds!!

The concert was the Nash Ensemble playing:

Mozart - Serenade in C minor K388 (arr. Rechtman for wind quintet)
Mendelssohn - Concert Piece in F minor Op. 113
Brahms - Horn Trio in Eb Op. 40

All the pieces used a variety of instruments less often heard in the chamber repertoire and it made a nice change. I'm not sure these represent any of the composers at the hight of their powers BUT they made for a very enjoyable concert.

I'm seeing the Nash again in under two weeks and indeed today was the first of 4 in 3 weeks!!


Tricia said...

Was a good one again.... park was lovely but a trifle windy eh!! And typical sun coming out at the wrong time.

Good pics though; the camera's earned it's keep again!

Tricia said...

Was a good day again... and pics came out well!!

oldcrow61 said...

Well, as Tricia said, the camera certainly earned it's keep again. The shop windows are great. I particularly like the black and white one. The street scenes below those are wonderful and I can't put my finger on why other than it looks like you took them at a different angle. Love the statue of the fish and child. Great bird shots as always. Sounds like a great day.

ShySongbird said...

Hi Pete, great to be back and thank you for your kind comment on my blog :-)

You obviously had a good day in London and took some lovely photos but I'm with the Heron, swimming in the park ... in January? Good grief!

Anonymous said...

Black and white with the table and chair is the very best even though the reflections didn't seem to add anything.

Pete said...

turquis - the reflections were fait accompli I'm afraid.

nice to see you back SS

Island Rambles Blog said...

Hey Pete, I love the tufties and the black and white Chanel window is amazing...what on earth is that third from top bird picture? Some kind of duck?

Pete said...

Hi Islands

it is an Egyptian Goose