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Wednesday, January 25, 2012

More people visiting NT properties in December

According to an article in the Guardian the National Trust is expecting a record number of visitors this financial year (2011/12)

Apparently December 2011 saw 521,000 people visit trust properties up 74% on 2010/11. Although given the heavy snow in December 2010 this may be a bit skewed, although the trust ran a lot of Christmas-themed activities.

On top of the increase the trusts cafes and restaurants saw a 71% increase in sales.

I'm not surprised since I've moaned before about the shutting of Trust properties. Lots more people go away for weekends in Winter now and I'm sure would pop into visit a property. It's grey and wet and cold? Then they'll pop into the house and if more properties are open then more visitors spending money on home made cakes..... sorry mind wandered.

Assuming the weather is ok I will be visiting a Trust property Saturday - maybe 2 - and if the weather was poor there would be a temptation to look around a house alas none near me are open!

I am reliably informed however that the trust is extending its opening times so that is good news


holdingmoments said...

I think if they lowered some of their prices too, they'd see an increase in visitors.

Tricia said...

I'm convinced if more properties (and in particular houses) were open during the winter, the attendance would be good. People want to get out on winter weekends and, as you say, if bad weather a house to look around would be good.

Hope they do keep their word and open more...

Pete said...

Keith - joining is great value for money :D

ShySongbird said...

I was going to put exactly what Tricia has so I won't repeat it.

Loved the last post, what a clever and tolerant violinist! I would have been mortified if it had been my phone!!

Ragged Robin said...

I hope they do extend opening times in more properties too Pete.

When I went to Baddesley Clinton in December I was amazed at full the car park was - it was teeming with visitors there. Nearly as busy as summer and spring and there was me hoping for a nice quiet peopleless walk around :D