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Monday, January 16, 2012

Heritage Guide Books

I've have sitting next to me an 1890 Baaedeker's Guide to Great Britain. Well it's a facsimile edition from the people who did the Bradshaw Guide. It's again based around train lines and it's great fun to dip into. It'll be interesting to compare the descriptions in this to what I find.

In 1890 Beddgelert, where I am staying in June, is described as a "Gem of a Place".

I first came across Baedeker's as part of a TV programme wish I could remember the name of it! and I've wanted to look at one ever since.

I have on order a 1900 Baedeker Guide to London and its Environs oh and Through the Window: The Great Western Railway from Paddington to Penzance 1924. I'd love to get hold some 1950's guides in replica format!

Oh and for my trip to Wales. Simon Jenkins' - Wales - Churches, Houses and Castles.

I found out the other night that there is a heritage line running from Beddgelert to Caenarfon so that might be worth a trip!


Ragged Robin said...

Good gracious - if you are stopping in Beddegelert itself you will be able to have a Glaslyn icecream every day!!!! In fact, you may even be stopping in the pub right opposite the ice cream shop.!

I think I would still describe Beddgelert as a "gem of a place" - its lovely there.

Pete said...

well if it's the pub on your blog then..... YES!!!

Ragged Robin said...

It is that pub Pete - lucky you :D