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Saturday, December 31, 2011

Twin churches, Bees, Roses, Soup and Cake on New Years Eve

So it's still grey and dull so on the last day of the year I headed to Anglessey Abbey. I was early so went a few miles up the road to Swaffham Prior.

Swaffham Prior has two churches sharing the same churchyard.

St Mary's is now the Parish Church of the village.

St Cyriac is now in the care of the excellent Churches Conservation Trust.

No stained glass here but nature provides its own reward.

And so on to Anglessey Abbey.

It has been so mild lately....

what the heck? BEES!!!

A few Snowdrops out. Give it a month....

There are still roses about!

I wandered into the cafe for my hot soup and those naughty National Trust people had arranged it so that the first thing I saw was cake!!!!! So I had a nice vegetable soup and succumbed and had a slice of Coffee & Walnut, oh come on its the last of the year!!

So off to Dad's. See you next year!


Tricia said...

Nice one ... to see roses and snowdrops and bees altogether really muddles up the seasons!!

Here's to lots more cake in 2012 :D

oldcrow61 said...

I can't believe the flowers and insects around this time of year. How wonderful. The church windows are marvelous. Even the Viking commented on them. He knew immediately that it was your blog I was reading, lol. I love that stand of trees too.