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Saturday, December 10, 2011

Rye Meads

I woke up at 8am, for me that is amazingly late!! I dragged myself out of bed and headed to Bishops Stortford, I was in two minds what to do. It was cold but the sun was glorious and I fancied a walk at Anglessey Abbey but I headed to Rye Meads.

So I arrive at Rye Meads open the boot and WTF!!!! No telephoto and no binoculars!! I was not impressed so home I go put them in the car and head back. I was not a happy bunny.

This of course all changed when two Lesser Redpolls were sitting in a tree by the centre door :)

The water was partially frozen at Draper Hide all very quiet but a few teal about.

The trails had a Redwing, Fieldfare and a Song Thrush joining the Blackbird.

Look at that blue sky!

As I walked towards the Kingfisher hide a Green Woodpecker took off.

No kingfishers but this was there instead

Carried on with an enjoyable stroll.


holdingmoments said...

Good to see the Lesser Redpolls Pete.
Haven't seen any here yet.
Good shots of the Sparrowhawk.

Tricia said...

Nice to have the redpolls and lucky to get the Peregrine too. And all that wonderful blue sky!

Ragged Robin said...

Well done on the lesser redpolls and great photos. Sounds like a lovely walk!

Pete said...

cheers all.

Trish uh methinks it's a sprawk

Tricia said...

Pete.. methinks it most certainly is.... brain not engaged.

Anonymous said...

That last pic of the redpoll, did you see the rump?

Anonymous said...

Yep, nice images of the Redpolls and Sparrowhawk. Looks like a very pleasant day, apart from forgetting half your gear, of course!!

oldcrow61 said...

Wonderful pictures of the Redpolls.

Pete said...

anony - no. yes i must admit it does look paler...... um

Pete said...

anony - I've sent the pics to RSPB Rye Meads the ringers have have a view... and awaiting there response

possible Mealy.......... thanks for the comment

Eagleseagles said...

Hi Pete
Sent one of each of the redpolls to Hugh Harrop yesterday - not much about Redpolls he dont know-
this is his take on it
"I think the pix are of Lessers as I would normally expect Mealies to be quite frosty at this time of year and exhibit a brighter wing bar and more greyish tones. The bird seems quite warm and quite buff but that might be just the photo."
I would go along with this as I was looking at some Winter Mealies in my books and frosty is a good description!
Never mind - the lessers are lovely anyway!

Pete said...

thanks C - at the time it didn't jump out at me. The only time I've def seen Mealy they were much paler

Pete said...

thanks C - at the time it didn't jump out at me. The only time I've def seen Mealy they were much paler