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Friday, November 25, 2011

the State of the UK’s Birds 2011

The latest population figures for wetland birds has been published in the State of the UK’s Birds 2011 report.

The report shows that winter numbers of the humble Mallard have declined by 38 per cent since 1982 and by 22 per cent since 1998. There have been some other species which have declined sharply since 1998:
Pochard -46%
Dunlin -39%
Bar-tailed Godwit -29%
Ringed plover -26%

Of course it's not all bad news with Wintering numbers of Avocet up by 95% and Shoveller up by 27%

Curiously the Iceland breeding Whooper Swan is up 122% in the past 10 years whereas the Bewick Swan which breeds in Siberia is down by 44%

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