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Saturday, November 19, 2011

St Albans and Thaxted

Dad and I went to St Albans today, he hasn't been there since Mum died. It meant he had a market to mooch around and I had a quick nip in the Cathedral.

Point to note - the refectory had LOVELY Sausage Rolls!! :D

So off to Thaxted...

when I was a lad we'd often go for a ride and you knew when you were near Thaxted as the fabulous church spire would hove into view.

The church has an appeal for a new roof (for one of the aisle), there was bring and buy sale in the nave (rather apt that I thought) and they were selling some nice soup (£1.50 a bowl!!) and I was asked if I could be tempted with a piece of cake - could I? well yes but alas I had just eaten! Look no fainting!

Dick Turpin's cottage .....

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oldcrow61 said...

WHAT!!!! You refused a piece of cake. I can't believe it! I must say, you do treat your stomach well on these outings.

Another beautiful church. No wonder you enjoy visiting them. The statue of that fellow, makes me think of Uriah Heep, lol. Great pictures once again Pete.