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Saturday, September 17, 2011

Getting There - The Courts

So off to Wiltshire. Obviously we left relatively early and found the cottage we were staying at. However we couldn't get in until 3 so where to? I decided we'd go for a stroll around the Courts - the only problem is that the tearoom is lovely and I was with my Dad who has this strange value for money thing (my Mum would have been racing to the cakes with me :D ).

The gardens were looking lovely and though the weather had a few light showers we had an enjoyable stroll. My 82 year old father scrumpted an apple. I hope the National Trust will forgive him!

Butter wouldn't melt.....

Ooh so tempting

The Westbury White Horse


Tricia said...

Love the Courts and the tea room... wonderful character that shows you to your table .... :D

Ragged Robin said...

Beautiful olde worlde looking gardens there, Pete. Those apples did looking tempting - no wonder your dad went scrumping!

Ragged Robin said...

ps - love the white horse!

Yoke, said...

Your dad is a vry handsome man, Pete. And I can hardly believe that he'd be 80+!

I'd have gone for one of those apples too.

(If I'd been able to reach them, of course..)

Pete said...

yoke - guffaw! When I spoke to him earlier he felt 112 :D

thanks for the kind words folks :D