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Saturday, August 13, 2011

Two gardens and a cute baby Robin

I had originally booked to go to Cheshire but my hotel rung in July to say they had a problem ssssoooo I ended up booking into the Cotswolds. I have a hanger on as Trish asked when she found out I was at the Red Lion if she could come along!

It seemed like the Tricia effect was in force as it was chucking it down but by the time we met up at Hidcote it was nice.

So to Hidcote.....

Sitting on my shoe.

The soup was tomato and basil - lovely, and we shared a piece of apple and sultana also lovely!

Literally next door is Kiftsgate which I've amazingly never been to.

The afternoon cake was coffee and apricot fruit cake (we shared a slice of each) also excellent.

A very nice evening meal Smoked Haddock Rarebit followed by Duck.


Ragged Robin said...

Thanks for reminding me how lovely Hidcote is - some lovely photos. It looks as though there are some new features there too. Great photo of the avenue of trees!

The juvenile robin is very cute.

Kiftsgate looks well worth a visit - never been there. I love the heartshaped "leaf" type decorations near the pond.

Oh and the food sounds yummy too :D

Pete said...

that robin was so obliging! although the sparrows were good.

the cake was lovely..... handy being able to cut it in half and try two :D

kiftsgate is well worth a visit.

oldcrow61 said...

The "Tricia Effect"! You're in trouble now. I absolutely love the pictures of's Magical there. Those two pigs are beautiful. How I'd love to cuddle with them. The statues, of course it goes without saying that they are marvelous. Great shots all.

Anonymous said...

All great shots, but I quite like the ladybird one.