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Sunday, July 31, 2011

A warm Sunday

What a glorious day!

I was round Dad's this morning, it was lovely sitting in his garden.

This afternoon I went down Rye Meads. The Wood Sandpiper wasn't about (really chuffed I went yesterday now!). But two Green Sandpipers, a Green Woodpecker, Kingfisher and a Black Necked Grebe were nice sightings. Actually a Great Crested Grebe at RM is a good find.

Comma Butterfly

Small Tortoiseshell

Little Grebe


Loads of Tufted Duck chicks


Anonymous said...

such lovely shots but now Im paranoid. Did they usta be sharper? Can you go back and do it exactly the way you did it before?

Pete said...

look at this post and compare first 3 images

i don't think this batch are that good.

Anonymous said...

These look fine to me. The out of focus tufty adult in front of the chicks is probably due to depth of field issues caused by the aperture used, or movement.

Pete said...

you're right di. almost didn't post it.

Ragged Robin said...

Nice butterfly pics again, Pete and the dabchick is looking rather cute - one of my favourite species.