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Wednesday, July 06, 2011

There is something wrong in the state of Denmark

As I said to my boss today - it could be worse, we could be working for News International.

I presume you don't need to be told about the News of the World phone hacking scandel? If you do read here

Of course much of the press are trying to hide it. The Daily Mail led on the story that public sector workers earn more than private sector workers. The headline didn't mention that many councils etc have outsourced cleaning which of course is very low paid hence bumping up the average pay.

I suspect that the reason that the tabloids especially are nervous, is that whilst attention is focused on the NotW we're all asking the question .... are they the only ones?

The outrage many people feel needs to be backed by actions. Complaining on Twitter is great but if you still buy the papers then do the press care? Of course not. When a paper is boycotted it works as Kelvin Mackenzie can certify.

Interestingly its not only Labour MPs sticking their heads above the parapet and criticising NotW, even Tories are saying enough is enough. I suspect they're thinking right you b@ast@rds lambast us over dodgy expense claims will you? Right take that.

And lets be honest the whole affair is shameful. It was once said we get the MPs we deserve one could argue the same for the press. Which is a flipping damning indictment on us.

As to me? Well I wouldn't buy the NotW anyway so I will happily continue my boycott! The only papers I'd buy are the I, Independent, Guardian and Telegraph.

I normally praise the BBC at this point but I will say if you want a really top notch TV news programme then tune into Channel 4 news. It is the best there is.

Yes we need to sort out the NotW but we need an honest an open and unbiased press.

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oldcrow61 said...

We've been hearing all about this hacking scandal. I wonder how many more are doing similar things and just haven't been caught yet.