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Saturday, July 16, 2011

Nunnington Hall

Its been wet, it has been very wet!!

I started out early and arrived at Filey. Filey looked quite pleasant and if it had been dry i'd have gone for a walk but it wasn't so....

788 St Oswald, Filey

And so I went to the National Trust's Nunnington Hall. A small, but pleasant house and garden.

Despite the rain I donned my waterproof jacket and strolled around the garden.

I adjourned for a tasty bowl of tomato and mint soup and then headed around the house.

This room has lovely views. I could imagine laying there reading my book.

Another stroll around the garden.

The rain started up a bit more so I popped in for tea and cake (carrot) - well you just have to don't you :D

As i came out the heavens opened so I thought blow this and headed to find my room.

Riddle me this, I can't get a signal on Vodafone or Orange but can get digital radio. There is wifi in the residents lounge!!


Ragged Robin said...

Shame about the rain Pete but you still managed to get some lovely photos. The stained glass windows are beautiful and Nunnington Hall and Gardens look well worth a visit.

Hope the weather improves for you tomorrow.

Tricia said...

Well despite the rain (maddening eh) you managed to get around a bit. Some lovely pics there; especially like the pink sweet pea. And who's the pink lady.. :D