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Tuesday, July 26, 2011

I'm not obsessing..... honest :D

As I mentioned earlier it would have been Mum and Dad's 59th today. I popped in to see him today.

They left Roydon at 5pm after the buffet to go to Clacton (their B&B was by the gasometer I believe). He said that at nine o'clock they had fish and chips along the front "it cost 2 and 9".

I just roared with laughter my father can remember the price 59 years later but he had forgot I was late home yesterday when I had told him at lunchtime and the previous day!!!!!

Anyway those photos from Sunday.

I believe this is a duffer!! Look at the building at the back

This is using the same software BUT with a different option.

This is with paint (how I used to reduce them)

Are any of these better? or acceptable? I have my views :D

Mum her last moments of freedom :D Mum never knew her father without white hair

Me in an embarassing purple/mauve suit. The bride is a cousin.

Dad, this is pre-war I'm told taken in London.

A young dad

Me and Mum @ Finchingfield.


Anonymous said...

Again, the second one looks the best, except it perhaps needs a bit of sharpening before converting for web. Not too much though.

Tricia said...

Yes - the 2nd (middle) picture is the best of the three and much more natural looking.

oldcrow61 said...

What wonderful pictures of your mum, dad and yourself. I just love them.

Cindy said...

I remember Finchingfield, I used to live not too far from there when I was a lad! The photo of your dad reading the newspaper is my favourite of your golden oldies, and what a great shot, although I am worryingly liking your flaired trousers!!