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Sunday, July 17, 2011

Flipping rain

The "plan" had been to go Rievaulx Abbey first but as I entered Helmsey the heavens opened! I decided this was a dopey idea and headed to Beningborough Hall, I was a bit early but sat and read and by the time the gardens were open the rain had become an annoying drizzle.

The sun appeared briefly!

So time for lunch which was an excellent bowl of Carrot and Coriander.

Many of the paintings in the house are loaned so alas no pictures. By the time I came out it was raining again.

Decisions, I had seen a sign for Sutton Hall which is in the HHA scheme so off I toddled. As the rain had calmed down I skipped the house tour and wandered around the garden.

A bit of wildlife! This chap is feeding chicks !!

I went for cake - naturally. Sticky Lemon and Ginger. I saw this and thought of OC!

I came out and it was chucking it down! By the time I got back to Helmsley I found it hadn't rained for ages!!

Right time for dinner. Did I see Scallops?


Tracey Pye said...

lovely place, lovely gardens glad the rain didn't spoil your day too much and pudding sounds delicious.

oldcrow61 said...

lol, that teapot is a riot! The flowers and gardens are all beautiful. I love the statue of the girl holding the wreath. I can just picture her in my garden. She would fit in well. Of course I can see why you thought of me when you took that last picture, lol. The sticky lemon and ginger cake and the carrot and corriander soup, I'm about to look for the recipes on the internet. See what you have me doing!

Tricia said...

Like OC says...that teapot is wonderful!! and the girl statue. Like the wooden acorns too. The places look beautiful and glad you had a glimpse of the sun - however brief! But the rainsdrops on the flowers add a bit to them.. really cheery colours..

Hope tomorrow is a better day and...scallops....ooooh I can taste them now :D

Ragged Robin said...

Lovely gardens and what a great teapot in the first photo. The sticky lemon and ginger cake sounds wonderful.
Fingers crossed for a dry day tomorrow for you :D.