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Saturday, July 23, 2011

Anglesey Abbey in the Summer

I was out with his nibs today. We went into Bishops Stortford first and then onto Anglesey Abbey.

I do like Anglesey whatever time of the year you go there is something to see.

His nibs....

A young Goldcrest.....


Ragged Robin said...

The gardens at the Abbey are looking beautiful, Pete.

I love the penultimate photo where the tree roots seem to be climbing up the tree. The young goldcrest is so cute especially in the last photo and a lovely portrait of your dad.

turquis said...

Seem to me, that yu are my favorite photographer and I cant say why. Of course you make england look like paradise. but your choice of subject is always interesting and maybe its your camera lens. I dont know. but now the photos are awful small arent they? Could hardly see handsome Dad in the first few shots. Is that how its gonna be?

Pete said...

why thanks Turquis - blush

in the first few shots he's deliberately small BUT I they are now to small - its some new software i'm using to reduce for uploading. I'll have to have a play with it as I'm over doing the reduction.

most of the pics today were with the Panasonic GF1 and a prime zoom. I do like that camera

caroline - its a lovely garden always something to see

Tricia said...

Love the little Goldcrest... even got the adult grumpy look already ..