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Saturday, June 04, 2011

Hatfield Forest and Audley End Mansion

Well the weekly trip to Hatfield Forest! All very quiet.

The Terns are still about (one sitting on the raft) and there were still 3 young Grebes (getting bigger and six adults.

Notable birds? Bullfinch, Great Spot and Green Woodie. There were loads of youngsters.

I was waiting for my breakfast to arrive when a chap arrived with a dog. He said that he was "fed up with Dog Walkers who didn't put their dogs on leads, especially when they are old enough to know better" (his was on a lead). And then another couple with dogs turned up. Apparently this was the object of his ire! And heated words were exchanged. I smiled :D Guess whose side I was on!!

So on to Audley End. I was disappointed with the gardens. Little water in the fountains a couple of very small ponds were waterless. The gardens looked a little the worse for wear and not up to the normal standards.

The large pond had water in it and lots of young Mallards and Coots.

Always Barnacle Geese at Audley. There were 3 today and this one is ringed.


Ragged Robin said...

Great pics of young mallard, Pete. The house at Audley looks rather impressive even if the gardens were not up to the uusual standard! The garden photos are nice though.

oldcrow61 said...

Great pictures once again Pete.

Anonymous said...

Your photos look a lot brighter on my new machine than my little old one. :-) Very good.

Tricia said...

Great pics Pete.. the ones of the house at the end are really sharp :)