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Friday, June 03, 2011

Getting the Car MOTed

Well the car has been serviced and MOTed.

As ever I chose to wait so I made excellent progress on my book (Ysabel by Guy Gavriel Kay - good but not one of his best) and listened to some music on the MP3.

I then headed to Rye Meads. Ah it was lovely the sun shone, the birds they sang and they were mostly co-operative. Some chap said he saw two Turtle Doves which I didn't - hey ho.

This family of Canada Geese were a pleasant surprise before the first hide.

There were three Little Ringed Plover's at Draper and one was getting chased off. Highlight was the Hobby which pleased some one who I pointed it out to as it was a lifer for them. The Hobby was giving a great show chasing dragonflies.

The usual noisey cettis! And this chap infront of Gadwall hide

A pair of Kingfisher's was checking out the Sand Martin bank - two pairs of Kingfishers this year!!

So I made it to Kingfisher hide and....

4 Kingfishers in one day - very nice!!

Small Tortoisehell Butterfly

Yes RUBBISH pic but a Juvenile Robin!

This all looks idyllic but out of sight Dad was attacking the canada's :D

I then went round the old boys. He was out back in his deck chair listening to the radio. I made a cuppa and as we enjoyed the late afternoon sun a Sparrowhawk went through.

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oldcrow61 said...

Awww, so nice to see the little ones. The flowers are gorgeous as is that butterfly. Haven't seen any here yet. Did see a bee though.