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Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Come on Auntie!

There are many things about the media I don't understand and here are a couple of them.

Now regular readers will know that I am a fan of the BBC but a few things they do I just don't get.

One of these is scheduling. For instance the BBC will schedule a sporting event for BBC2 and something else on BBC1, a British player will make the final and then they change the schedules around. Why? Everyone can get BBC2! Anyone remotely interested in watching it will know its on! Why is it when they do this there is something on I want to watch.....

And another thing....

The BBC has have a celebration of light music on Radio 3. Now there is a big concert on this Friday and it is being broadcast simultaneously on BBC Radio 2 and 3. Again WHY?? Are Radio 3 listeners to posh to tune to Radio 2? Or Radio 2 listeners to be put off becuase it's on Radio 3??

Sorry but they shouldn't be wasting the air time! There's plenty of music they could play at the same time.

Curiously one programme in the Radio 3 series looks at the big bands who made light music popular in the 40's and 50's. I was intrigued to see a name I recognized, Joe Loss.

In my childhood (70's) Harlow council used to put on a Sunday Concert free in the town park. One of the big name acts were the Joe Loss Orchestra, of whom Mum and Dad were fans so I got to see them and similar acts quite a few times.

Ah memories.


Tricia said...

I quite agree about the waste of airtime space... can't understand why the Beeb still does this!

But, my goodness, the memories that evokes!! The big band era... Syd Lawrence was another one ...

the word verification is: Plays G !

Pete said...

ah yes Syd Lawrence!! he went to the town park.