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Friday, May 20, 2011

Gardens and NO CAKE!!

I went to visit a welsh church unfortunately it was locked ordinarily I wouldn't mention it but the churchyard was alive! A male Redstart! Spotted Flycatcher!! and Swallows and Sparrows

I've never been to a National Garden Scheme day before well I have now! It wasn't planned, I just saw a leaflet for Westonbury Water Mill Gardens in the hotel and it happened to be NGS day.

The garden was a pleasant change from the order of the National Trust.

I saw a sign for Eardisland that sounded intriguing so in I popped. Pretty I think.

And so finally to The Weir. Alas no tea room here so no CAKE !!!!

This Spindle tree is under attack by the caterpillar of the Spindle Moth

The trust are restoring the Wall Garden.

A walled garden with only 3 walls!

No idea what I am up to tomorrow!


Tricia Ryder said...

Some more interesting places. And Westonbury Water Mill Gardens is fascinating .. so many unusual bits and pieces; not to mention the glass bottle house... and the "water tower" (?)

and Eardisland and The Weir... lovely ..

Nice Swallow pics!

Ragged Robin said...

Sounds like you had another great day today, Pete. What a shame about the lack of cake :D.

A beautiful view in the second picture and well done on the Redstart and Spotted Flycatcher. Churchyards seem to be good places for attracting birds.

The gardens at Westonbury Water Mill are charming and yet more great pics.

I haven't been to Eardisland for donkey's years - thanks for reminding me how pretty it is.

Have a good day tomorrow whatever you do.