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Thursday, May 19, 2011

A cake to remember!

Hang on what's that yellow thing in the sky? ah yes the sun!!

I went to Hampton Court no not that Hampton Court! Curiously the house/castle is now open for guided tours. I ducked out and just enjoyed the lovely garden.

I sat here and watched the world for a while.

This chap just wanted his tummy tickled.

So it was soup time! And a choice of two. I went for Leek.

And so to Berrington Hall which is about 6 miles up the road. I almost didn't stop. The idea was if I could photograph inside I would and if I couldn't I'd go to another garden and do Berrington in the morning (the garden opens early). However internal photography was permitted which was lucky as I would have missed something special!!).

I wandered to the lake. A few mallard chicks and amongst the many Canada's some goslings.

This chap was seeking attention!

So I decided I had earned my afternoon snack. Now unlike at Dudmaston the cake was not sliced and on a plate under cellothane. It was the whole cake under those plastic containers. A sign proclaimed that all were freshly made by "Anne our baker". They looked lovely and there was quite a choice but I was tempted by Rhubarb and Cinnamon with Berrington Damson butter cream.

Now excuse me whilst I reminisce because it was LOVELY!!

I then had a sit in the garden with my book and overhead a Red Kite flew. A lovely day!


Ragged Robin said...

The cake sounds absolutely delicious - I've added Berrington Hall on my list of places to visit:D. The ceilings in the house are splendid.

Lovely gardens at Hampton Court.

Glad the sun came out for you today -its actually been sunny here too.

The Quacks of Life said...

and of course you have Hay-On-Wye within about half an hour :D

Tricia Ryder said...

Nice to see the "other" Hampton Court..

The canalised water leading up to the small building is wonderful and I just love the carved bear!

Berrington Hall - a new one on me but the gardens look very beautiful..lovely ceilings.

Some great pics again Pete and sounds like another excellent day :)