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Monday, May 30, 2011

Patch Tick!

I've not managed to get to Hatfied Forest or Rye Meads for a few weeks so I headed off early to the Forest. I was keen to find out how the Terns and Grebes were getting on.

There were lots of birds flitting about and I hadn't got to the main part before I was distracted by a Great Spotted Woodpecker. I saw something move at the top of some trees .... ah just a Great Tit hang on what's that sitting there? WOW! Spotted Flycatcher a patch tick!! I know they are one of the last migrants but it seems late for one to be in the Forest doesn't it?

On I went seeing a Fox on the way.

There was a Tern up flying and one sat on the raft so it looks promising that they are going to breed!!

This Heron kept flying across the lake!

There were still 3 Grebe chicks (2 + 1), lots of Goslings (mostly Greylags and a family of Canada's

So off to Rye Meads. A few families of Little Grebes with chicks.

There are only 5 pairs of Terns (impacted by the number of Black Headed Gulls).

A bit of Duck Porn!!

A really lovely stroll around some nice places.

Sunday, May 29, 2011

Visiting Gardens

Trish was up today which is rather odd as it didn't rain!!

We were heading for Gooderstone Water Gardens which neither of us had been to.

En route the car magically turned into Walker's snack bar so we could have a Sausage, Egg & Bacon roll and a cuppa!

There weren't many cars there (and there weren't when we left) which is a shame as it was delightful.

"Genius" at work.

although the tea room was tempting we were both a bit full so passed. The blogging world faints!

A few miles away was the National Trust Oxburgh Hall - the car park was chocker!

They had a scarecrow exhibition on.

Well it felt like time to eat. We couldn't decide on cake so we ordered a Harvest cake and Coffee Walnut and cut in half - very nice!

Inside the chapel.

The parish church, its tower collapsed in 1948 (I think).