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Saturday, April 30, 2011

Was there something on today?

As I intended to stay at Dad's Friday night I had to decide was was going on the camera for two days(I never faff about changing lens when out with dad). The EASY choice was the travel zoom on the Nikon and the 20 f1.7 on the Panny, another SAFE choice was 70-300 on the Nikon and either the 14f2.5 and 20f1.7 on the Panny. As it was I stuck the 14f2.5 on the Panny (28mm 35mm equiv) and the 35 f1.8 on the Nikon (53mm 35mm equiv).

So where to.... well we went to Ickworth.

It was grey as we left and rained en route but cheered up when we arived.

YE GODS it was quiet!! I don't think I've ever seen so few people there (a few more were about later).

There were 6 young coots on the small pond. These two Canada's were watching anyone going past carefully to see they kept their distance from the youngsters.

The coots on the lake were very territorial and a Mallard mum had some young. There were two Greylag and two Canada's on the lake and though the 4 were togther it seemed they had paired up a Canada to a Greylag.

Pete - you'll be 82 soon Dad
Dad - I feel 102!


Eagleseagles said...

lovely photos Pete- we went to Pulboro(rspb) and Arundel(wwt) and it was a dream so quiet and that was a good idea too- Pat has some lovely bird photo's especially of a Nightingale! I will post on my blog when she gets round to down loading them - I think it will be Monday now as she has a lot on this w/e!

oldcrow61 said...

Beautiful flowers and greenery. That tree trunk is amazing.