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Monday, April 25, 2011


I took Trish to the forest first thing. When you get there early there is loads of birdsong!!

There was still just one Tern on the lake when we got there. We thought it had flown off but later it was back (or another had flown in!! unlikely). I'll be over early next weekend to see if it has a partner!!

There were 6 grebes!! One was back on a nest the other has three chicks!! This one was fishing!

And the Greylags have bred!!

There were LOADS of warblers!! Whitethroats are back in force. The small reedbed had Reed Buntings, Reed Warbler and Sedge Warbler - not sure I've seen them there before!!

So Trish headed home and I headed to Rye Meads.

some new life there as well!

There is now a pair of Kingfisher's at the Sand Martin bank. One was sitting beside it!

Loads of warblers here as well. Amazing how quickly the hedgerows and reedbeds fill up.

The Kingfishers were showing at the Kingfisher hide as well.

I finally got to see a Garden Warbler. One of the young coots I saw a few weeks ago seems to be an adolescent and there were LOADS of Butterflies - none wanted to pose.

Been a great long weekend, roll on next weekend!!


Eagleseagles said...

There are defo more Warblers around this year than last!
Yes they are earlier but the numbers of them is amazing!

So 2 pairs of Kingfishers - maybe I need to bring Pat over to Rye Meads again soon - quicker than going to the place in Sussex we know- she is desperate to get a good Photo!

Hope you will be spending Friday and the next long w/e in the outdoors?

Pete said...

yup I agree on both counts. Loads of Blackcaps, Whitethroats and Sedge Warblers especially.

You need to be a bit lucky at RM. Depends where they decide to perch :D

the second pair are distant.

Friday I will of COURSE be indoors glued to the telly....... uh well probably not, I'll be somewhere! One day definitely at RM and the forst. Want to see if our lone forest tern gets some company

holdingmoments said...

Yea, definitely a warbler year.

Love that Mallard portrait Pete.

oldcrow61 said...

Great shots. The baby greylags are so cute.

Ragged Robin said...

You've seen some great birds this weekend, Pete and the ducklings are very cute.

Tricia said...

Amazing birdsong and it was great to have the place to much more enjoyable. There's something about the early mornings in Spring.

Good that there are now 2 pairs of "parent" grebes and Sedgies!