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Saturday, April 09, 2011

A joyous Spring day

The sun is shining, there are amazing blue skies and it's warm! Spring is here!! Can we have days like today 365 x 7?

I headed down to Fisher's Green first, good start with a Sparrowhaw flying over! Lots of warblers about now an I saw my first Linnets of the year.

The tits were avoiding the feeders but ....

The Goldfinch wasn't.

This female Chaffinch was shier!

Rabbit !!

I then went to M&S and bought two pairs of casual trousers - I DO NOT LIE BUYING CLOTHES!!! My strategy?

1) Walk into shop
2) Find casual trousers
3) Pick up two pairs in my size in neutral colours
4) Pay
5) Go back birding ! Total time shopping ? 5 minutes!!

So off to Rye Meads.

Ah Blackcaps and Chiffchaffs!

Not much from the Draper hides this coot had bitten off more than he could pull!!

The hedgerows were alive with warbers and I saw a Cetti's again. Sedge Warblers are back.

From the Tern hide I picked out a really nice patch find a male Garganey!!

On to the Kingfisher hide and just before I got there this chap was perching in a tree.

I often avoid the Kingfisher hide as it is packed today it wasn't. The female was perched in a tree and then the male flew in....

There were loads of Blackcaps about but I couldn't find a Garden Warbler. I should have had a pic of a Blackcap but I muffed it!! Still this Chiffchaff hopping amongst the twigs will have to do.

My final first of the day was to hear the mournful song of the Willow Warbler and get a brief glance.


Tricia said...

Lovely light to get the Kingfishers and so pleased they're showing signs of breeding :D Great to get pics of both.

Garganey.... lucky you :D And as for the Chiffy... well.... I spose they're not that bad shots ;

(not that I'd like one meself of course):D

Ragged Robin said...

Well done on getting the kingfisher photos, Pete. The rabbit photo is incredibly cute. You saw a great selection of birds.

Your attitude to clothes shopping matches my own although I usually fit mine in with the food shop :D.