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Saturday, April 16, 2011

Hailes Abbey and Sudeley Castle

I was sort of at a loss what to do this morning. I had ideas but nothing seemed "right". What was right was the colour of the sky and the temperature :D

I ended up at Broadway, you've seen it before but it is scenic and worth a stroll.

I sat for a while watching the world go by, three Buzzards overhead and enjoying the sun.

And so where to? I popped into Hailes Abbey for no reason other than I felt like it !

I sat reading my book which appropriately was called The Naked Sun.

And where to? I went to Sudeley Castle. The castle itself wasn't open (I knew that) but I was in a sitting in a pretty garden mood!

There is a church in the middle of the gardens. I should have mentioned that Sudeley was where Katherine Parr (the 6th Queen of Henry VIII) lived after Henry died, she is buried in the church, the monument is later.

The soup at Sudeley was Carrot and Corriander (not as good as the NT ones I've had) and there was no cake - I had an ice cream :D


Tricia said...

Another good day's outing by the sounds of it.

Hailes Abbey looks wonderful and it will go on my list! And Sudeley Castle - beautiful; I can understand why sitting in it was so appealing.

and blue sky too!! Love that little lamb.

My fav pic today (Sudeley) has to be the low angle shot across the tulips to the building.. very artistic :)

Some beautiful shots again Pete :)

Ragged Robin said...

Super pics yet again, Pete and you've visited some lovely places.

I haven't visited Broadway for years thanks for jogging the memories. Sudeley Castle is another place I would love to visit.

Not sure when your holiday finishes but if you return to the Cotswolds and haven't been there before, Upper and Lower Slaughter are rather lovely. In fact, it was in one of the Slaughters (can't remember which one!) where I last saw a water vole :D.

Pete said...

@trish - artistic moi.

@rr - i go home today - sob! been to both slaughters although only lower is on the blog.

oldcrow61 said...

You certainly pack a lot of stuff into your days. Once again great pictures. I really like the middle photo of the tulips alone. Also the arches at Hailes Abbey. Really like the market photos as heck, I like it all.

Attila The Mom said...

Gorgeous, as usual! That peacock pic is stunning!