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Sunday, March 13, 2011

We have an Announcement.....

at 9:54 am a small non-descript little grey/brown bird opened its beak and sang...

chiff chaff chiff chaff

The Chiffchaff, the Herald of Spring has proclaimed the end of winter and the beginning of Spring........

When I turned off my laptop this morning I had 4 options.

I dismissed the forest as you've seen it a few times before, some Buckinghamshire churches? I can have a go back from my holidays in a few weeks (hint hint :D), Knole? maybe but I fancied some birding and the sun had come out! So off to Barnes..

Enroute I saw a Heron standing in the middle of the cricket pitch next to St Anne's Kew Green.

...of course by the time I arrived the skies had greyed and it was raining.

So off we go. I soon had my first year tick ... Parakeet of course. Lots of ducks about including Wigeon.

By the feeding station some Siskin!!

I then went in to the WWF hide and when I came out the Chiffchaff sang!!! I saw a bird in the right sort of spot and put the bins on him. CHIFFCHAFF!! He was just helping himself to a well earned berry posed for a second and then few off.

I took the long walk around to the Peacock tower seeing Reed Bunting, a pair of Great Spotted Woodpecker (Green Heard) then coming across a flock of Siskin and Goldfinch!

On the scrape were two Redshank and Snipe.

I got back to the cafe and had Brunch! (Chiffchaff heard on the way).

So on to the collection and the wildside the highlight being a Water Rail trying to hide and I twice saw a flock of Siskin.

As the weather wasn't all that I called it a day.

Tufted Duck

Eygptian Goose

Bufflehead (collection)

Mallard - Lord of all he surveys.

White-Headed Duck (collection)

Demoisele Crane(Collection)

Hooded Merganser (collection)


Tricia said...

Rained everywhere it seems today :( but nonetheless... great that the chiffy has arrived and Spring is now here..

And that's a good spot for seeing Siskin and Goldfinch...

work from home said...

great photos thanks for sharing

Kah-Wai Lin said...

Nice capture!

Kah Wai

Hornet said...

And I thought my 'herald of spring' line was fresh, original and inspirational. 'Great minds' and all that - it's a wonderful moment though, isn't it.