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Tuesday, February 15, 2011

This 'n' that

Yes Yes I know I'm getting to be a bit tardy at this blogging lark! Luckily the National Trust start to open their properties this weekend with Wimpole Hall opening. If the weather is wet I may pop in and take some pics (but you've seen it before) and try out the new restaurant!

Spring is on the way though, there are buds about, birds are singing (the blackbird is much more evident now) and the Snowdrops are out in their usual spot on my way to work. Oh and its lighter of an evening!

Highlight of my week so far? Little Egret at Abridge. There's been one in the river a few times this past year.

Jo Nesbo's Redbreast is improving. Its not the first in his Harry Hole series (its the third) but it is the earliest in English. Unless it tails off badly I'll read some more. He is definitely not the new Stieg Larsson!!

I do seem to have developed an annoying habit of falling asleep with the radio on, I then wake up to Chopin or some such at 2am!!

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