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Tuesday, January 18, 2011

I think I'm getting old!

I know this is stating the obvious but...

For the last 4 nights I've woken about 2:30-3:00 in the morning to find my radio happily playing Classic FM. Falling alseep with the radio still on is something Dad does .. .EEK!!!

Actually the idea of me listening to Classic FM is a bit of a surprise and even more so that my MP3 now only has classical on it!

When I bought said MP3 I had expected to load it with old favourite CDs. However I've not done that and it is filling up fast with Classical stuff.

I got into classical by chance. Years ago I used to listen to Fi Glover at 10pm on Radio 5, I tolerated her replacement but when Stephen Nolan came on that was it. I just can't stand Nolan and his style and I moved lock stock and car radio to Radio 4.

One evening I found that the Radio 4 programme was getting too heavy and pulled my digital radio out of the drawyer and tuned it to Classic FM (when I bought said radio I couldn't get a BBC station). Now it just so happens that at 10pm Margherita Taylor is on playing "Smooth Classics", it was lovely and relaxing.

Later I decided that it was rather daft that I had seen a particular episode of QI on Dave about 318 times and I turned the radio on and found Jane Jones full works concerts. I think my radio is on more than my telly now week nights!

My car radio is now tuned to Classic FM and I listened to a bit of Radio 3 one night!!!!

I've even voted on the Classic FM Hall of fame - pretentious or what! I went for the Bruch Violin piano concerto, Allegri - Misere and the Schumann Piano concerto.

And even more alarming? I'm going to a classical music concert in March!!!


Tricia said...

Well; I've always found Margherita Taylor's choice of music to be extremely relaxing and so appropriate for the time of night - so hardly surprising you fell asleep :D - often described it as "music to go to sleep with"

digibirder said...

I 'discovered' Classic FM about 20 years ago and for some time I listened to it every morning in the car on the way to work, and occasionally at home. For some reason it fell out of favour and I started listening to Radio 2. I now switch between R2 and the local radio stations.

Pete said...

my problem with music radio is I dislike so much of what they play!

I find I enjoy most of what I like on classic FM. Oh I don't like Opera!!