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Thursday, January 20, 2011

Being Nice about BT

I've said some things about BT's bad service in the past so its only fair to give some praise.

I decided on Monday to upgrade my broadband. for an extra 1p a month (and the first three months are actually cheaper!!) they would give me a 40gb download allowance and a free wireless hub. They said this would be complete by wednesday with the hub arriving the same day.

So I did it. Well the upgrade to the download limit was done on the Monday and the hub arrived... Wednesday. I haven't bothered to install the hub yet. But they did meet their target!!

I am on a 12 month contract but as I had no intention of moving anyway.


Tricia said...

Well done BT and well done you for saying so.... :)

Anonymous said...

I don't believe I've heard any praise for BT... until now. Good on 'em. I still won't be using them any time soon though.