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Sunday, December 12, 2010

Some excellent patch birds

I had intended to head to Wimpole Hall to their Christmas event but as it was I ended up over the Forest.

Everywhere still frozen over.

The mallards wer not happy sitting on the ice!

There were lots of Redwings about and I saw a Coal Tit (not a common bird there). I stopped at the cafe and had my brunch. I was joined by lots of ducks and as they had trotted across the ice towards me earlier I fed them some bread.

So where now? Well I hadn't been to Rye Meads for a while so.....

I was greeted in reception with "the Bittern was showing". We chatted a bit and the two ladies mentioned that they were heading to Hertford after lunch to try and find the Waxwings.

I headed off , a Buzzard went over and got mobbed

The normally good Draper hide was birdless just beyond there is a private path I glanced down it and saw a few Redwings and... hang on a minute WAXWING!!!!! I put someone else on to them and shot back to the centre to tell them.

Anyway they were still there and I went on. This little chap posed!

As I arrived at the relevant hide they had the waxwing at the other side of the lake (11 in a tree) as to the Bittern I was told it had being showing for an hour and a half but... I didn't have to wait long as it flew across the lake. Distant but a patch tick none the less.

Soon after the weather clouded over and so I headed back. Rather successful bit of local birding.


holdingmoments said...

Bittern and Waxwing in the same day; excellent Pete. A couple of great birds, that are guaranteed to cause excitement wherever they turn up.

Anonymous said...

Lovely Robin and Blackbird pics.

Ragged Robin said...

Well done on the bittern Pete. The robin photos are super. Can't believe you've had another waxwing sighting!! I'm off on another quest tomorrow!

oldcrow61 said...

I love the first photo. The birds are great, I get such a kick out of your Robins. They look so quizzical.