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Wednesday, December 22, 2010

The Parakeet a pest?

I posted an article to my Twitter feed that evidence is starting to grow that the Ring Necked Parakeet is starting to cause problems to both Humans and native wildlife.

The study is by Imperial College London. The study has received details of various damages parakeets are now doing, including to gardens, church spires and even a vineyard. And there is now a roost of 4,500 birds at Stanmore near Heathrow.

As far as impact on the natural world ? well initial research indicates that the parakeets may be outcompeting other birds at garden feeding stations. There is as yet no evidence yet that they are displacing other species such as nuthatches from their nest-holes, although this appears to be happening in continental Europe. There is concern in London’s Royal Parks, e.g. Richmond Park, that the parakeets consumption of certain tree seeds is so great that it may be depriving the parks’ deer of essential food.

Apparently there are now 32,000 birds mostly around London and the South East. The population is thought now to be growing at the rate of 25% a year.

Last year the Parakeet was added to the list of pests that can be shot without a licence.

1 comment:

Tricia said...

As you knoww they are def NOT my favourite birds by any stretch of the imagination and I'm glad that, at last, some sensible research is being conducted. I, for one, will be interested in the outcome.

They've already managed to find a way around the caged feeders!!