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Thursday, December 30, 2010

I am my fathers son

I know that is "stating the bleeding obvious" (as they say around these parts) but it was brought home to me Monday.

I had just departed Chez Dad and I popped into my local Tesco. I headed straight to the reduced bin - look if I wanted a Tesco finest ready meal for the freezer or for the evenings meal I may as well get one reduced eh?!

Anyway I saw a load of Lamb's Kidney's reduced by 60% Pork chops at 4 for £1.35 (where can you get a chop for under 35p these days?) and they had two huge bags of fresh cod normal price £17 for £4.50 I promptly bought them and delivered them to my dad who was well pleased.

My dad is a child of the 30's and so he likes a bargain and the first thing he does is head to the reduced bin. I did pick up two heavily reduced ready meals for me and they are in the freezer.


Anonymous said...

How sweet of you.
Keep the red flag flying Peter and bollocks to the people who try to make a living from providing you with food and earn a living in the process.


Pete said...

I do love people who hide behind anonymous !

I could make a few comments here pro and anti farmers.

Anonymous said...

Do you/ could you really? Smirk.

You bemoan the price of doughnuts in the High Street, yet wail about the ever increasing Mallenisation of our Towns.

Who is the person really hiding behind a Blog anonimity? Empty vessels eh?


Tricia said...

Well done on spotting a bargain. Much better that some money is being offset against the products... rather than the goods being chucked (written off) for nowt!!

And that way, everyone benefits from future orders!!!! (Unless this is a too simplistic view of course!!)

Pete said...


you make me chuckle. There are lots of people like you on internet forums, its why I've stopped using them.

I have said at various times on this blog that I appreciate there is a degree of hypocrocisy in my use of Tesco's / Amazon etc.


Anonymous said...

I dont see how buying marked down lamb kidneys in a supermarket is harming "the people who try to make a living from providing you with food and earn a living in the process." Would Anonymous prefer that Tesco's threw out the lamb kidneys that are on sale because because nearly over? Would that make "the people who try to make a living from providing you with food and earn a living in the process" any richer? You are taking a chance buying those kidneys so make sure your cutie Dad cooks them well done with lotsa gravy. Bon Appetit Turquis

oldcrow61 said...

I usually first head for the reduced bin as well. Of course it depends on where I'm shopping. In some places the reduced bin is full of rotted items and should never be put out for people to buy. However, I often get a few bargains which is much appreciated as the prices of food seems to be going up more each time I shop.