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Friday, November 26, 2010

Tyres, Breakpads, Mozart, a book and some birds

The car went in for its service this morning. Annoyingly I needed new front break pads and one of the tyres had a nail in it!

The service was 3 hours so I waited. I sat in the comfy chair, put my MP3 on and opened my book. It is quite offputing when you are absorbed and you look up and find yourself in a car showroom!! Still I read about 180 pages and listened to three Mozart Symphonies (39, 40 and 41 if anyone is interested).

I popped in to see dad and he kindly whipped up a bowl of soup and cheese and tomato on toast for me.

Given the lack of photos last week and of birds on this blog I popped to Fisher's Green.


Eagleseagles said...

Dont you just hate that - break pad - and the nail!

Good to see some Garden birds on your blog - nice for people to share!

Glad you are enjoying your new interest in classical music!

Pete said...

not my garden birds alas! I sat in a cold hide to get them!

i used to listen to classical about 20 years ago. Its classic FM that has retriggered it!

oldcrow61 said...

Fabulous shots Pete.

Anonymous said...

Are these with your new lens? They are good.

Pete said...

with an old one Diane

thanks both for the comments!

ShySongbird said...

Lovely bird photos Pete. You told us what the music was but not the book?

Pete said...

sorry about that SS

The book is the Savage Altar by Asa Larsson. It's a mystery/thriller set in Sweden not bad.

Little Brown Job said...

Cracking selection of images Pete.

Tricia said...

Great to have some decent light for pictures again!! Nice ones there Pete... Sounds like a good way to spend having the car serviced too ;)

Anonymous said...

Good for Dad!