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Monday, November 22, 2010

This and that

I've been a tadge quiet of late I am lacking in inspiration.

It doesn't help that the weather has been cold, grey and miserable and that they are forecasting sub zero temps and a chance of snow !!

I have been contemplating holidays for next year!! I think a trip to Hay-On-Wye is in order and I fancy going back to North Wales as well - I may stay at that place which has no telly and radio (well it has R4 Long wave) let alone mobiles and the internet!

Its interesting that the Government is telling us that we have no money and that we have to cut spending urgently BUT we can find 7 Billion pounds to help the Irish. Perhaps you should try it with the benefits office? "I can't afford my council tax, yes I did manage to find £500 to lend to my friend".

I also have a long weekend coming up as I'm off Friday (the car needs a service). I therefore intend that you will get photos for at least two days. Not sure where I am going to go yet I will need to think on this one!

Today is St Cecilia's day. St Cecilia is the patron saint of music.


ShySongbird said...

Ah! That is another favourite piece of music, beautiful!

These short, dark days are enough to get anyone down :(

I absolutely agree about the 7 billion, that was my first thought also.

Tricia said...

Lovely choice of music again .... And when are we going to get something a bit more cheery in terms of light/brightness.... not an easy time!

And yes, giving away 7 billion when, for example, the NHS and other services are facing cuts in staff is exceedingly difficult to reconcile!