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Saturday, November 20, 2010


It's grey, damp and cold. I decided that the overcast weather was no use for bird photography, I had three choices.

1. Go to Lavenham and take some picturess in the Guildhall.
2. Go to Cambridge and then on to the Wimpole Hall craft fair.
3. Go to the National Trust Red House, South of the river.

I chose the later. The house is in a suburban estate and you park in nearby car park. Things looked bright when two Parakeets appeared then about half a dozen of them. I reached the house went to the entrance and was greeted by the phrase "have you booked for the tour?" Uh no! Self guided tours weren't til 1:30!! And lets be honest you can't take photos on a guided tour. Now if this had been summer I'd have taken my book and sat in the garden but .....

So I turned tail and walked back. I did get good views of a Goldcrest by the car park entrance.

I looked up at the grey skies which matched my mood and drove back! Still did get to here virtually of the chart show on classic fm!!


Tricia said...

That's disappointing... same all round today it seems!!

Goldcrests seem to be about a lot at the moment - which is something good about the day :D

Ragged Robin said...

Another miserable day weather-wise here too. What a shame about The Red House tours - would have liked to see the parakeets (we don't get many round here). Hope you have better weather and better luck if you go out tomorrow.

diddums said...

Strange, that... why can't people ramble around anyway in spite of the guided tours? Do they want to stop people tagging along who haven't paid to be in the group?