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Friday, October 01, 2010

Save the Nostell Brueghel

In these days of cost cutting art is along way down the nations priorities. Which I think is a shame.

The National Trust property Nostell Priory star attraction is ‘The Procession to Calvary’ by Pieter Brueghel the Younger.

The painting was painted in 1602 and has hung in Nostell for 200 years. It is still owned by Lord St Oswald and has been put up for sale.

The National Trust has joined forces with the Art Fund to launch a £2.7 million fundraising campaign to save the painting for the nation. The art fund has donated 500k and another 2.2 million must be raised by Christmas.

To enable as many people as possible to see ‘The Procession to Calvary’ during the fundraising campaign, the painting will be displayed in London, at the National Gallery from 5 October – 9 November 2010, and then at the York Art Gallery from 18 November until Christmas.

If you wish to make a donation then you can click here.

Instead of ringing x-factor or strictly this week, why not donate to a cause that will hopefully bring pleasure for many more years to millions.

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Anonymous said...

The vendor of this picture, Lord St.Oswald, had over £4M -yes £4M - of public cash from the National Lottery just seven years ago when he flogged off more pictures at Nostell to the National Trust. Why the need for this sale? Why doesn't the NT support living artists and commission something new to take its place if St.Oswald really needs the cash so badly?