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Tuesday, October 19, 2010


I've been listening to a lot of classical music lately. I first started listening to classical in the late 80's, I can't profess to understand it per se but I do like what I like and I find it soothing - well the stuff Margherita Taylor plays from 10pm is! and for that matter Mylene Klass on a weekend at the same time.

My MP3 has what little classical I have on CD on it plus a few downloads. Over the coming year I aim to trawl through the classic FM all of fame and Classic FM producers Nigel Gayler a Top 100 of classical music CDs no listener should be without.

Last night I clocked a bit of David Mellor. Now his delivery style is a bit stilted but I bypassed that and listened to the music. He was playing lots of Schumann and he lamented that Schumann seems to be a bit forgotten these days.

This got me thinking reputation is a funny thing. You can be famous in your own lifetime but somehow history forgets you or alternatively you are discovered 100 years later.

This is particularly true in art. Artists goes through phases and todays 25 million master piece may be next centuries who?

I had never heard of John Field until he was played by Margherita the other week.

and just for Mr Mellor


between-the-lines said...

"I can't profess to understand it"

Oh Pete, you're just not pretentious enough!

Great artists live art - whether they are rich or poor, famous, infamous or unknown is not their most important consideration.

Historically the people who make the money out of art are the same boors and beancounters who squeeze money out of everything else.

The more an artist struggles in life or to death, the more money the buyers and sellers stand to make later.

Pete said...

I sort of understand what you mean about great artists. what I was trying to get across is that artists reputations fluctuate. Todays Van Gogh is tomorrows nobody and vice versa. and some of it is fashion

Agree with you on the money tho!

Pretentious? moi? LOL I like what I like.

Tricia said...

Nice choice - especially the Nocture... memories ;)