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Thursday, October 07, 2010

Educating Trish II

What what? oh right I have to get up! Can I have a full english please, tea and white toast. What? oh right its a breakfast bar is it?

Back to reality.

Since a certain T Ryder has chosen to cast aspersions on me over a certain car parking fee I think we need to get our own back.

We were driving up the A303 Sunday when a piece of music came on Classic FM. Now I'm not up on classical music, I know what I like even if I don't understand it. I commented that I liked this but couldn't remember the composer.

Wagner? said Trish I thought definitely not and plumped for Mendelsohn. Much to my pleasure it was - Hebdrides Overture.

The next piece was also familiar, theme from Gone from the Wind says I, no says Trish think its much later from a TV programme. Well I was soon proclaiming 2-0!!

I did enjoy on the Monday stating that something was Beethoven's Pastoral Symphony No 6. How, said and astonished Trish, do you know its the 6th. I did eventually come clean that it had been played Saturday morning when I drove down!

However young Trish needs educating! I commented on the composer Byrd and she said she had never heard of him!!! William Byrd was one of the two great composers of the 16th century alongside Thomas Tallis and produced some truly memorable choral music.

Listen and enjoy.


Tricia said...

Harumph!!!! Don't know why I said I hadn't heard of him as I now know I have!! Nice choice of music though...

(Goes off to swat to beat you on the next one..... )

oldcrow61 said...

lol, I'd like to be a little mouse in the corner when you two are together.