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Saturday, October 30, 2010

Autumnal Sun at Hatfield Forest

Gosh what a lovely day!

Isn't it typical everyday this week I've been woken by the alarm today? Nope I woke up at 4 snoozed for an hour and that was it!

I popped to the shops to get Shane the Dog's birthday presents and then where to? I haven't been to the forest for a while.....

I decided to have a change of tack and left the telephoto behind and stuck the wide angle on.

Quite a few birds woodland about.

There were at 5 grebes on the lake and one was definitely a juvenile. You can tell it is getting wintery as the lake had Pochards on it! A sure sign.

As I walked past the decoy pond a tit flock descended that had Nuthatches in it (there were a few about) and a Marsh Tit AND a Kingfisher flashed across the pond!

As I stood by the lake two Great Crested Grebe swum by close in, almost taunting my lack of telephoto, I went for a cup of tea and a suasage sandwich!

I got to see my first Fieldfare of "the season" and the Forest looked lovely in the Autumn sun.


Tricia said...

Autumn seems to have arrived at last and somewhat suddenly... glorious colours and love the picture of the twisted branches looking upwards through them :D

Ragged Robin said...

Beautiful photos Pete and lovely autumn colours and reflections in the water. Looks a lovely place. Well done on the Fieldfare - I've seen redwings recently but am still waiting for my first Fieldfare.

ShySongbird said...

Lots of lovely Autumnal colour there Pete. It sounded like a very nice stroll and the sausage sandwich sounded rather good too :)

Regarding your previous post, it really irritates me when people say haitch instead of aitch!

oldcrow61 said...

A wonderful bunch of beautiful photos.

Janine said...

These are stunning Pete. You have an eye for the wide angle. Great colors too!

diddums said...

I do like these, marvellous shots. One of the 'angled upward' ones is quite abstract (in a good way!)