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Saturday, September 11, 2010

Thursday - Fire & Rain and Ghosts in the wood

Dad had a treat this morning. We went in to Fakenham and he got to look around a market (don't ask me the fascination!). We ended up in the church for coffee and a scone.

Then onto Houghton Hall home of the first Prime Minister. Walpole took a tax on mahoganey off bought some doors and then put the tax back - nothing changes.

The walled garden is lovely.

A walk through the park and other gardens through up a pair of Spotted Flycatchers and these....

EEK I've taken a photo of a moth. no idea what it is!

Another lovely day!


oldcrow61 said...

What beautiful gardens. The statues are wonderful. What a treat it must have been to see those deer. Great shots.

Tricia said...

That fire and water element is fascinating; why doesn't the water put the fire out? And the deer are interesting too. They look like white Red Deer (if that makes any sense at all)!! Whilst the (I presume) young are normally coloured.

Love that wooden building near the end! :D

Janine said...

Very cool shots of Fire and Water. And the white deer are striking. Keep the great shots coming!!!

Ragged Robin said...

Don't tell me you are getting interested in moths Pete :D
It could be a Red Underwing - very pretty if you can get them to display the red hindwing. I am jealous - you are one up on me!!!

Love the fire and water element