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Saturday, September 18, 2010

Suffolk Villages

Well I took dad out today.

We went to places you've seen so many times before there isnt much point of photos is there. Ah what's that? Is that the sound of steam coming out of someones ears in Newfoundland? Ah!!

So first to Lavenham......

On to Long Melford where there was an "Autumn Fair" on in the grounds of Melford Hall.

Then on to Clare Country park

I saw a Fox going down the disused railway track (too far for pics), a Willow Warbler gave a hint of summer days! and a Kingfisher flashed down the river.


Tricia said...

Wasn't it a cracking day in all that lovely sunshine!

The B&W works well with the tudor-style buildings and the rosebud is just lovely. Autumn colour already!

Anonymous said...

Great photo's there Pete, but those B/W photo's are so fitting too your subjects, thanks from a B/W photo fan!


Janine said...

Sorry Pete but this time I think I like your color shots better (sheepish grin). The last one of the autumn leaves through the gothic arch is beautiful.

Pete said...

s'ok janine i like that one.

cheers paul

Ragged Robin said...

I like the black and white photos, Pete and the last photo is really beautiful. Sounds like a great day out in the autumn sunshine