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Friday, August 20, 2010

University Challenge

Apparently a great scandal has befallen our proud nation. 150,000 18 years may not be able to go to university. Yes I know stuff the 220 million Pakistani's who have been flooded out, poor old Jason and Jemima can't study media studies and they've worked so hard. There lives must be over!

Well curiously I never went to university and surprisingly enough life hasn't been that bad. I went and got a job - fancy that.

Of course things are different now and you need a degree. Which is a bit odd since only 25% of Germans go to university, considerably less than in good old blighty.

But at least with record numbers of those bright young things going to University with their record A-levels our nation must be in great shape.

But I think not, as my Mum put it when she was in Hospital. "Well people moan about immigrants but the NHS would have no staff without them". My dad was visiting an uncle yesterday in Hospital and you know what? All the staff were "foreign".

So dear reader what do these bright young things DO with their degrees? Honestly what?

I know people say exams are dumbed down but I doubt todays 18 year olds are much different than when I was one - rather too long ago I might add.

Guys if you don't get a place tough, you earn the right to go and if you miss out well life's a bitch! Just shrug your shoulders and get a job - although frankly that isn't easy at the moment either!

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