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Saturday, August 21, 2010

Some birds for a change

Well I thought i ought to go out and look at some wildlife today! I didn't go far just to Fishers Green and Rye Meads but I saw some nice birds.

and onto Rye Meads

as I sat in the Gadwall hide admiring over a dozen Lapwing a Kingfisher flashed past and perched up. I watched him fish, too far away for anything worth posting.

Ooh a Little Egret, 5 Green Sandpipers (you can see one in here) and 2 Snipe (you can see them in the pic)


holdingmoments said...

Lovely shots of the Blue Tit Pete, and the Little Egret. You had more luck with the birds than I did lol

Tricia said...

That's a very indignant looking Blue Tit in the 2nd pic!! Nice pics of them too. Love the bees on the berries! Is that a wasp's nest in the blackberries?

And as for that Egret....sigh... Methinks you had more sun than I did today....

Nice to see some birds again ;)

Ragged Robin said...

Great photos of the blue tits and little egret - looks like a better day weatherwise than here.