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Friday, August 13, 2010

setting off Alarms

And so we'll start with some churches. Both had been locked on previous visits but I was assured were open.

The first you may remember for its sheep in the graveyard. One snuck its snout virtually in Trish's lens !!

781 St Mary, Preston on Stour

782 St Mary, Lapworth

Now you couldn't get to the chancel, there was a barrier and a sign saying do not cross or you will set off the alarm. Fair enough I poked my head over to try to get a better view of a window. Suddenly a noise started, Trish said that can't be the alarm surely? We wandered outside and all hell broke loose noise wise. I thought I ought to head to the rectory, a chap appeared and I explained what happened, the Verger appeared and I explained. They were very pleasant about it. Apparently the new Rector did the same.

A plus side is I got to see the window and the Eric Gill sculpture! It wasn't deliberate!! I had already stuck a pound in the box and I stuck another one in!!

Now the plan had been to go to Packwood and Baddesley Clinton BUT I had phoned Sezincote and it was open today and we were keen to visit so we headed back.

We stopped for lunch at Charlecote

And so to Sezincote. The house was built around 1805-10 and was inspired by journeys in India. Later the Prince of Wales (later George IV) visited and hence we have the Brighton Pavillion.

It is an amazing building and even though you know its there still surprises. The garden is wonderful too.

The house is visited by guided tour. Its not big but well worth a visit. And it is frustrating when someone's mobile goes off during the tour eh Trish :D As the tour ended the heavens opened so we decamped to the orangery for a cuppa and a slice of chocky cake - very nice.

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oldcrow61 said...

First, I'd like to say...I wish I was there when the alarms went off ahahahahaha. That gave me my laugh of the day. I'd love to be there with you two. Sounds like you're having a grand time. The house and grounds in the last pictures is enough to make one swoon. You are seeing the most fascinating things. I guess the holiday is almost over. I don't suppose you could continue for another week or so could you?